I believe healing is a process of unraveling, excavating, and reclaiming our innate nature which is one of love. Through this alchemy, we experience union within ourselves and the world-a fuller integration of being. No matter your background, or the suffering you’ve endured, you are already “pre-approved” in the words of the great writer Anne Lamott. I guide others to recognize their truth and build what is their birthright to embody. We all deserve to feel whole, worthy, and vibrantly alive.  Being a bonafide “shame whisperer” is one of my greatest assets.  In helping people name their deepest fear and longing, as well as supporting them in the work of transmuting it, I live my Dharma or higher purpose. I am deeply grateful for the courage and grit people demonstrate in pursuing this work and for their willingness in allowing me to be part of their reclamation!

Serving as a therapist and addictions counselor for over a decade, I have helped several people create meaningful change in their lives but always intuited there was more. On my personal healing path, I sought the refuge of spiritual teachings, body-centered practices, and energetic healing arts. These were the missing pieces to many, many years of engaging in my own psychotherapy. The deeper levels of insight and growth I experienced through these modalities led to weaving them into my professional life by pursuing my 240-hour Soma Yoga teacher training through Yoga North and additional certifications in somatic therapies, mindfulness, spirituality, and energy medicine. I have continued this development in the form of my current training to become a Yoga Health Coach and an Organic Intelligence (somatic therapeutics) practitioner. Typically you can find me musing in nature with a journal, reenacting Harry Potter scenes with my son, dancing to live music with my partner, connecting with powerful women, and drinking copious amounts of oolong tea. I look forward to meeting you and making some magic together!

Shoshana Koch headshot.