kathleen (kat) sprole


Kathleen is devoted to serving others on their personal journeys to improve their overall well-being, connect with their authentic, inherently powerful, happiest selves. Kathleen is a mental health therapist, focusing on trauma impacted individuals for over a decade.

After realizing the power of mindfulness to not only relieve stress, but also to transform and heal from the inside out, she founded One Moment Center in 2014 to offer mindfulness-based experiences including workshops and retreats. As a yoga teacher, Kathleen aims to make the ancient practices of yoga accessible to all.

Advanced Mindfulness Certificate, Donald Altman LPC
230-hour Yoga Teacher Training, The Yoga Center Retreat
Meditation Teacher Training, Tara Cindy Sherman
Trauma Informed Yoga Certificate, Firefly Yoga International
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, IATP

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Kathleen (Kat) Sprole – Yoga Teacher at The Yoga Center Retreat