9 High Intensity Yoga Poses

Do you enjoy yoga, and want to burn as many calories as possible? Thankfully, at The Yoga Center Retreat, we teach many high-intensity yoga poses that can help you get the best workout ever!

1. Boat Yoga Pose

This yoga pose is an excellent workout, as you need to clench your abs, maintain your posture, and straighten your legs all at the same time! If you’re looking for a great calorie burner, the boat pose is just what you need.

2. Extended Side Angle Pose

By placing all of your weight on one leg in a lunge position, while rotating your body at the same time, the Side Angle Pose is a perfect high-intensity workout!

3. Warrior II Pose

While Warrior II is less intense than Side Angle, this yoga pose still does the calorie-burning trick with an emphasis on leg strength, posture, and arm strength. Try it out and see for yourself!

4. Upward Plank Pose

Talk about a great way to tone your arms! The Upward Plank pose is excellent not only for muscles, but for stretching the tendons as well, and is just as great of a workout as regular planks.

5. Superman Yoga Pose

You’ll feel like you did a Superman workout after trying this high-intensity pose! This specific posture focuses on the back muscles, gluts, and legs.

6. Half Moon Pose

Give your arms, legs, and abs a nice stretch and burn with the half moon pose! Don’t be fooled–just because you have two limbs supporting you on the mat doesn’t make it an easy pose. You’ll definitely burn those cals with this one!

7. Crow Yoga Pose

Channel your inner crow and get your upper body sweating’ with this yoga pose! And not only is the Crow Yoga Pose amazing for strength conditioning, but it also emphasizes balance!

8. Side Angle Pose

The Side Angle Pose helps give your abs, arms, and legs an amazing, high-intensity stretch while helping align your back in a straight manner.

9. Four-Limbed Staff Pose

Lastly, we’ve got the Four-Limbed Staff pose. This workout is just as intense as doing a pushup, and you’ll break a sweat just from the get-go!

And there you have it! 9 fun, high-intensity yoga poses that will help you burn calories like crazy, and get the most out of your workout! If you’re looking to take your yoga workout to the next level, come and join one of our many classes at The Yoga Center Retreat.