Experience the Bliss of Savasanassage

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Holly Schramm about her upcoming Savasanassage training. As someone who loves to relax but hasn’t had the opportunity to get into one of Holly’s sold-out workshops or classes yet, I wanted to learn more. Here’s our conversation:

What is savasanassage?

Savasanassage is a blend of Thai yoga massage, restorative yoga, savasana, and meditation. Energetic healers can incorporate their energy healing modality too.

As you know, the pose “savasana” is laying on your back and being in active rest. In Savasanassage, a practitioner works on up to 4 people in savasana and other supported poses. Each participant receives bodywork in turn. They savor the experience while the practitioner works on others. Then the practitioner comes back and work on you again…savor that experience. Repeat until you’ve had your whole body worked on. Yummy.

How did you first experience this type of hands-on class?

I first experienced this practice (also known as Pranassage and Prana Stretch) at a Kula Yoga workshop long ago with Stacy Seebert. It might have been Yoga House back then. I experienced it again at a weekend retreat in Brainerd with Becky Goldberg and Beth Onward a couple of years ago. It was then that I decided I wanted to learn it and share it. They wanted/needed a new name for it. I suggested combining “savasana” with “massage” to create “Savasanassage.” It stuck.

What draws you to practice Savasanassage?

As a participant, I loved having my body worked on, savoring it, and drifting into a Savasana meditation. Then comes more sweet body work!

As a practitioner, I am drawn to how unique Savasanassage can be to me as a practitioner. For me, Savasanassage is like a dance or a moving, healing prayer I’m offering to someone else’s being.

Do I need to be a massage therapist to take this training?

No. You don’t need to be a trained massage therapist to offer Savasanassage to your yoga classes. You just need the desire.

What has been your students’ reactions to Savasanassage?

When someone starts coming to Savasanassage classes, they love it. They tell me, “I’m so relaxed and blissed out.” One student told me it’s a “best kept little secret.” Another told me that they want to tell everyone about Savasanassage, but that they also want to make sure that they have a spot in class! There’s a need for more hands-on, assisted stretching like this!

How did you decide to offer the training?

I have regular students who partake once or even twice a week. They started asking where they could learn how to offer Savasanassage to their classes as yoga teachers and to their friends and family. I knew I needed to do a training. I’ve been teaching Savasanassage prolifically for the past year and I’m really excited to do the training. I can feel this practice in my bones.

Who is Savasanassage training for?

Yoga teachers that love to give and receive hands on adjustments should come to Savasanassage teacher training. You’ll learn some new ways to add hands-on assists to Savasana in your classes. And you’ll be able to offer hands on restorative classes as a way to expand your teaching toolbox. Your students will thank you!

What should training participants expect from this weekend intensive?

Participants who complete this training will learn a strong format that they will be able to offer right away to their classes. Plus, participants get to experience Savasanassage all weekend as we practice!

Ready to add Savasanassage to your yoga teaching toolbox? Reserve your spot in this exciting new training today!

Holly Schramm provides a hands-on assist in Savasanassage child's pose.  Holly Schramm lengthens woman's neck in savasana.  Holly Schramm provides gentle hands-on assist with one hand on shoulder and the other on a hip in child's pose.