Wild Rice Retreat – April 2022

by Cody Cooper

Wild Rice Retreat – Developing your Intuition with Cody Cooper & Jennifer Gray

We just got back from our stay at Wild Rice Retreat Center in Bayfield, Wisconsin and we are feeling rested, recharged, and rejuvenated! 13 of us heard the call, trusted our intuition, and decided to show up on Lake Superior– which proved to be an exciting and soul enriching experience for all involved.


about Wild Rice Retreat

Wild Rice Retreat has one of the most spectacular views of Lake Superior- looking over Madeline Island. There were easy to access paths that allowed us to explore and truly get a feel for the land. The ice on the lake melted while we were there, and we could see the waves gently streaming in. We were immersed in wildlife with nature all around us– and had our own hidden sanctuary where we were surrounded by birch trees and pine trees, and lots of chirping birds. All of our accommodations had windows on all sides, allowing us to truly have the feel of “living in nature.”

The food was spectacular and Wild Rice provided for all of our meals, which filled our bellies and allowed us time to connect. During one of our dinners, owner Heidi Zimmer came to chat with us, explaining how the Wild Rice Retreat Center came into existence – and we got to learn more about the sacred land that it was built upon. The whole experience was joyful and our hearts expanded.

Wild Rice Retreat even allowed us to have our own “peacepod” where we were able to hold daily meditation, yoga, development circles, and workshops to help us deepen into our intuition and come together as community. To have a designated sacred space made the retreat even more special!

Developing your Intuition 

From the moment our group met for our first “social hour”, Jen and I knew that we had a really special group. Everyone immediately clicked. All of our stress and tension began to melt away as we began to open our hearts and build deeper connections with our fellow travelers.

As we came together through yoga, meditation, and our daily activities– something really special happened – we began to truly connect. Each person was able to let go, trust, and be vulnerable enough to share their experiences. Vulnerability leads to connection, and connection allows us to feel a sense of belonging. To be seen and heard is a special thing, and everyone in the group was able to hold space not only for themselves, but for others as well. We all had an inner knowing that everyone in the group had valuable contributions to share, and we truly learned from each member of the group. 

Many members of the group were able to receive massages, one-on-one Reiki sessions with Cody, and private readings with Jen. We connected with our Angels and allowed spirit to support us and nurture our potential as we deepened into our true nature. 

Something truly special happens when we come together with other like-minded individuals– our soul family. We feel a sense of freedom, a feeling of truly being seen and accepted. We have a deep “knowing” that it is okay to be exactly who we are, without having to explain ourselves. We are able to build healthy connections and let go of the harshness of the world, feeling the deep sense of peace that is always within us. That is just one of the many gift of going on Retreats–true connection and a true sense of belonging. 

We are already excited for our next adventure here! Stay tuned! 🙂