Jen Gray on JAI Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

JAI: Sanskrit meaning to honor your higher self, a sense of awe. Also, my babies: J= Joshua, A=Annie, I=Isabel.

Pregnant with my third baby and a newish yoga teacher 19 years ago, I found myself just “knowing” that my yoga would make this 3rd birthing experience easier and “zen.” I didn’t know how or why but that was how yoga worked right?! It just managed to seep into your life! Well, that proved to only be part true. There are many realities of childbirth that one can not predict. Although the birth of my youngest Isabel was relatively event free, it left me with a yearning to dive deeper into my yoga studies, seek out teachers and figure how yoga could be most useful in the birthing room.

I took a prenatal training, which was useful but did not address what tools from yoga should be practiced during pregnancy to be an aid in the birthing experience. As usual, I decided to figure this out for myself and offered myself as a coach to some of my yoga students. I was blessed to be able to attend seven births and watch yoga do its thing during each birth. From C-section to water birth, I watched as moms used the tools they had practiced with me during pregnancy to create an optimal experience for both mom and baby. I will never forget each birth and am eternally grateful for the amazing opportunities.

JAI Prenatal Yoga is born Jen Gray, creator of JAI Prenatal Yoga in warrior 1 while pregnant and holding her child over head in warrior 1 after birth.

From these experiences and my research, I created JAI Prenatal Yoga for Birthing. JAI is a unique program that gives pregnant moms a practice they can use during pregnancy that would also translate into the birthing room. It is one of my passion projects and I believe deeply in its effects.

It is my dream to share these teachings and tools with other yoga teachers, breathing new life into JAI Prenatal Yoga for Birthing, and rebuild a yoga community to meet the unique needs and concerns of expectant mothers.

Learn to teach prenatal yoga confidently

Ready to gain the the tools and skills to work with the pregnant community in a yoga setting and teach prenatal yoga classes? Join us July 19-21, 2019 for JAI Prenatal Yoga Training – Level 1.  You will learn the curriculum for teaching JAI Prenatal Yoga classes and the philosophy behind the curriculum. You’ll also explore prenatal anatomy, asana and meditation for pregnancy, and pranayama techniques for birthing.

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