Phase 1

Dear beloved Yoga Community,

It is with great humility and honor that I write this to you all in hopes of understanding and patience.

Over a week ago YCM shut its doors for good. Over 50 jobs were lost and over 1,000 students displaced from our home. Beautiful people, who fought as hard as they could to protect and defend this 19 year old community were devastated and now have much healing ahead.

I was no longer the owner and my hands were tied. I was out of the country at the moment the doors closed.

I want you all to know that when I returned nothing short of miraculous began to happen. A community has risen up. I asked for nothing but within 24 hours of my return, and a knowing that YCM was not a name or a building, but humans who have important relationships, jobs and are seeking to make the world a better place, people stepped up. Held me up as we rolled up our sleeves, cleaned a torn apart studio, have given blind faith and hard work to rebuild and reopen in short order.

We are trying to reinstate as many jobs as possible and bring back together a community of amazing souls. I have not reached out as there has been no time, this has all happened because of the people who didn’t run, didn’t sit back and wait to see what I would do, but people who put their rightful anger and hurt aside, showed up and got busy doing what our paths have lead us to do.

Now we need your help. I want you all to know we have got this, I have quit my full time job to show up for this community and will be reopening as Minneapolis Yoga Training and Wellness. A new and improved Yoga business, run by 6 bad ass, gritty woman and one amazing man! We will start with a soft opening for our Teacher Trainees on March 12th.

WE WILL FIGHT to stay in this location under a model that works.  We have secured a temporary space for one month at 10924 Greenbrier RD just about 6 minutes west of the old studio. We are hoping to go back home but if we cannot negotiate what we need to be successful, we will find another location and are hoping to do so very soon.

All of your support, trust, faith and the spreading the good will that has risen up out of the ashes will be what makes this miraculous healing happen. Please help be a force of all that is good in a world where so much is not.

Our integrity, compassion and dedication runs deep and being called to uphold that standard can only be done by our village.

Thank you all so much for the out pouring that has occurred. I am home again.

In deep gratitude and hope,

Jennifer Gray and the 40% owners who I can not name at this time.

Founder of YCM and New Owner of Minneapolis Yoga Training and Wellness.