madie palm

RYT 200 | Hatha

Madie completed her 200-hour through the Yoga Center Retreat.

Madie received her 230 hour certification at YCR in 2020 and has focused on meditation after graduation. “Meditation really stood out to me as I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life. I hope to share my experience with others and help them receive the benefits of meditation as well. I am also huge advocate for bringing yoga off the mat and into other areas of your life.”

The Yamas and Niyamas or the ethical guidelines of yoga philosophy have been a big influence on Madie  and have helped her with “living more yoga.” Incorporating these into her life encourages her to be a better yogi, but also to be a better human out in the world by being honest, compassionate, and non judging.  “As a teacher I want my students to feel comfortable in my class knowing they are in a safe space and are supported in their own yoga journey.”

Certifications & Trainings

230 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Meditation Level 1 Certification

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Madie Palm, RYT 200