Juliet originally moved to Minneapolis in 1997 to join an experimental theater company, Margolis Brown. After performing, teaching, and training as an actor she began studying yoga once meeting her teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker in 2003.

Since 2002, Juliet has enjoyed her time in the fitness/yoga world as an avid cyclist, yogi, Crossfitter, and personal trainer. All of her training has lead to a love of teaching, coaching, and helping to light the fire of intrinsic motivation in others. To Juliet, coaching and teaching is a beautiful blend of art and science with the added element of improvisation with her students!

As an initiate in the Himalayan Tradition since 2005, Juliet is honored and compelled to share the richness of the teachings with her students. Her ultimate aim is to be a conduit and to help others with the message from her teachers and the Himalayan sages: To become aware of the reality within and to live life fully, joyfully, and fearlessly! Juliet has her 200 hour RYT certification in Parayoga. She’s currently in the process of completing her Level 1 certification Parayoga.

Juliet Alden headshot.