grace brooks


Grace completed her 200-hour through the Yoga Center Retreat.

Grace started practicing yoga at the age of 13 when she tagged along to classes with her mom. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that she developed her own personal practice in Toronto, Canada. Drawn initially for the physical benefits that asana gave her, she kept returning to her mat for the emotional lessons and broader viewpoint yoga allowed her to have.

Grace’s own personal journey of wellness led her down the path of becoming a certified personal trainer in 2021. Missing that mind-body connection that yoga brings, the following year she completed her 230-hour teacher training at The Yoga Center Retreat.

Grace doesn’t believe you need to choose between a physically challenging practice or an inner illuminating class. Her classes are deliberately structured through the eyes of a personal trainer, mixed with vinyasa, humor and play. You can expect to laugh and sweat while connecting body, mind and spirit.

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grace brooks