Certified crystal healer | reiki healer, yin yoga, yoga nidra, MEDITATION

Jen is a transformational resilience coach and spent 20 years providing psychotherapy as a  Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. She has a passion for providing her coaching in a  nurturing, fun, energetic and humorous manner! In her journey, Jen found that providing  psychotherapy did not feel like the level of healing she wanted to provide and set out on a  healing mission.  

Jen obtained her yoga certification from the Yoga Center in 2018 and had a long-standing  personal practice prior to that journey. She has certifications in: Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, all levels  of Meditation, she is a Reiki Healer and a Certified Crystal Healer! She also loves sound healing  and provides sound baths with her crystal singing bowls. A life-long student, Jen can be found  reading, listening to and attending educational resources for healing!  

Jen’s passion for energy healing and digging deep into the layers of healing has married nicely  with her history of providing two decades of clinical work and has created the basis for her  coaching business. Her favorite format for healing is meditation and energy healing. 

She loves to sneak learning into every area of her teaching and connection + transformation  are her mission! Her style includes personal growth in conjunction with meditations/practices  and healing to deepen the level of experience for her clients! 

Jen has led retreats, workshops, yoga classes, Yoga Nidra courses, provides coaching,  healing, self-care groups and is a teacher on Insight Timer, the meditation app! She has  created personalized healing therapeutic mediations as well.  

Jen has a daughter who is almost 17, been married for 23 years to her best friend and lives in  Ham Lake. In her personal time Jen loves to hike, be outdoors, kayak, read, camp and spend  time with friends and family! She has two Shih Tzus, Jack and Jonas who are her office and  snuggle buddies! 

Jen is passionate about working hard and playing hard. She brings vitality, fun, a high-vibeing  energy for healing and learning! With a drive for transformation and connecting with others she  will show up with her dynamic teaching style and get to the heart of the material as she  connects with others.  

A colleague described what makes Jen unique in this way: “Joyful energy, authenticity, ability  to find humor in everything and laugh at yourself. Jens spirit/ soul is always present. Reaching  out to you, patiently waiting for you to connect. Her uniqueness comes from her ability to let  her soul hang out waiting for someone else to know/recognize their soul and allow the deep  connection that comes from souls finding each other. Her soul is the safe welcoming place you  get to experience when you finally connect to their own soul.” 

She will bring her fire, insight and open-mind to every class, every interaction to meet you  where YOU are and to connect on a soul-based level!